Rage, Rage

We live in a universe of struggle and pain, from a chick straining to free itself from its egg to the fight against gravity when walking. Death and destruction surround us. Vast masses of gas devoured by black holes, and weeds trampled. However, we seem willing to fight. Toddlers keep falling while trying to take that first step, get up, and fall again. Dandelions push through the frozen ground to bloom again in the spring. The circle of life seems to be a continuous stream of endless winters and fleeting summers, which begs the question, why?

At every moment, we have the binary choice of life or death. Embracing death – to give in – seems to be the clear choice. To go gentle into that good night. After all, "true" happiness is a myth, an unattainable goal. There is no state of eternal bliss because there would be nothing more to strive for, similar to death.

However, the challenging option would be to choose life, if only for the infinite possibilities it might present. And so, we have evolved to rage against the dying of the light. All species run from danger and fight to persevere.

I choose life, I choose the endless rollercoaster of ups and downs, and I choose to fight. There will be days or months with no end in sight, but I will prevail. I will rave at close of day in the hope that the sun might rise again. I will have lost nothing if it doesn't, for I've triumphed until the dying of the light.

The pain is beautiful, filled with dazzling colours, and from it stems pleasure. A dollar earned is worth more than a dollar inherited. Life finds a way to emerge in the most random of places and blossom into animals, humans, planets, and galaxies seemingly doomed to perish and start anew but growing stronger with every mutation.

What will you choose?